• Question 1/9. Your arch enemy leaves a clue at the crime scene, do you:

  • Nothing is happening, do you:

  • Reporters eagerly snap photos of you victoriously leaving the battle, do you:

  • The evil villain has found out your secret identity and kidnapped your mother, do you:

  • You lose a close friend and ally, after the funeral do you:

  • An evil villain is robbing a bank just one block away, do you:

  • An alarm goes off, do you:

  • The mayor throws you a massive party for saving the day, do you:

  • You hear about a new team of super heros starting up in your city, do you:


Click FINISH to find out your Inner Super Hero.

You are Daredevil.

You don’t believe in limitations. Where others see walls you see opportunities. Though you’re not the type to be foolhardy, beneath your rational exterior you have the heart of a lion. And you always have a plan.

You are The Punisher.

You’re the guy that no-one dares betray. You call it like you see it and have the guts to let people know your feelings. People listen carefully to you because they know they can count on you to follow through. Woe betide your enemies.

You are Batman.

You live in a crazy world. The only way you will make sense of it is to embrace that little bit of crazy inside yourself. You have a strict moral code, and are willing to enforce it. You are rare in that you are not scared of your dark side.

You are Mr Fantastic.

You’re the guy with the flexible intellect. Solutions to other people’s problems come easily if they can get your attention away from your own projects. People have called you a dreamer, but you’ve never been afraid to put your big ideas to the test.

You are Wolverine.

You don’t put up with other peoples cr*p, right? You’re not scared of anything - in fact you live for the next adrenaline rush. If there is a job that needs getting done fast with no mucking around your name is top of the list.

You are Hulk.

OK, so you’re no fun when you’re angry. With time you will master your dark side. It can make you more focused and a master of your domain. Your creativity and finesse give you the power for genius original thinking.

You are Ghost Rider.

Your life has been far from fair. However your suffering is not out of your control. You will rise up and beat the odds, and you won’t be quiet about it. You are a truly loyal friend and a great ally.

You are Spiderman.

You’re not a natural hero but when the time comes (and you will know when it does) you have got it where it counts. You are quick witted, creative and surprisingly light on your feet. No matter what life throws at you, you will be ready.

You are Ironman.

You have unshakeable self-confidence. Your arrogance sometimes rubs people up the wrong way but you have that rare combination of ‘know how’ and ‘can do’ to back it up. Though you do not have time for dumbass rules, you’re a loyal friend.

You are Green Lantern.

Unlike most people, you have mastered your fears and you get great strength from your willpower. However your real gift is your creativity. Your ability to think laterally will get you out any curly situation.

You are Nightcrawler.

Like Nightcrawler you like to play. Altho you did not grow up in a Circus like him you’re a natural trickster. Your power comes from deception and no one will ever truly know you, but you are incredibly open minded and impossible to confuse.

You are Thor.

You’re a born leader, and you do not question yourself like other superheroes. They lack your clarity of thought which is a reflection of your strong moral values. You’re calm, capable and confident.

You are Deadpool.

You’re not an everyday hero. You have an un-natural self awareness and a deep understanding of the absurdity of life. You’re the chess master, but you’re not going to play by anybody else's rules. You barely play by your own...

You are Superman.

You are the quintessential Superman. You have so many admirable qualities, lots of people look up to you. You’re a strong emotional rock for more people than you know. And you always put the needs of others before your own.

You are Xavier.

Man, you really GET people. Though you might not be able to read their minds you can see their emotions, even ones they try to hide from themselves. You will help a lot of people in your life.

You are Captain America.

You’re the guy they call a born leader. You’re a charismatic communicator with strong values, and you always have a plan. You have no patience for disorganization. We can always count on you.

You are the Huntress.

Like the Huntress ( the lovechild of Batman & Catwoman ) you’re more emotionally mature than your parents. Your ability to get organised, focus, work hard and become the true master of a skill makes you a powerful foe.

You are The Invisible Woman.

Your powers are best used in defense. You lead a quiet life but woe-betide anyone who messes with anyone you love. Your wrath is indirect and your enemies are often left wondering what hit them.

You are Storm.

Your quiet demeanor is contradicted by the intensity of your gaze. You are the most loyal friend and work hard to protect those close to you. Strangers are cautious around you, because they can sense you would make a fierce enemy.

You are Mr Emma Frost.

Your friends know they can count on you to always keep a cool head, even under the greatest pressure. You have a thick skin and you don’t need much from others. This only makes you more attractive and a sometimes a dangerous temptress.

You are Domino.

You’re a perfectionist. Luck is 99% hard work and you know it. Your inquisitive nature means you will quickly master your chosen area of expertise, and build the platform for a rich adventurous life.

You are Rogue.

Your unique power is in translation. You can truly see what’s special in the world and show it to others. You are fiercely independent, and would rather die than let anyone use your powers for evil.

You are Catwoman.

Admit it: you are in touch with your animal side. Your deep felt passion is both your greatest strength and your greatest weakness. You’re sensual and fun but if someone goes against your moral code, you will not hesitate to attack.

You are Spider Woman.

You are not naive about the world. You understand complex situations quickly and rarely second guess yourself. You are always be two steps ahead of your enemies. In fact you often find yourself two steps ahead of yourself.

You are Elektra.

You would make the perfect assassin. You’re straight to the point, efficient and you like to live dangerously. Your ‘get it done’ attitude paired with your perceptive powers make you a natural, cold blooded killer.

You are Batgirl.

You love to have fun. You’re charismatic, charming and a great team player. Although you truly regret having to take someone down, if pushed to do so you do it with spectacular style and grace.

You are She Hulk.

You actually have control of your rage and can use it effectively when it counts. When you’re centered, your great strength is your power to motivate and inspire good in others. You usually know them better than they know themselves.

You are Psylocke.

You have great insight into people and the world around you. You’re a visionary who is great at anything you put your mind to. Never afraid of conflict, your agile mind does its best work on its feet.

You are Black Widow.

You have strong values and live by a strict code. You believe in a supreme justice are not afraid to step up and take charge when it counts. You work hard to protect the people you care about and are a loyal friend.

You are Super Woman.

You will always put the needs of others before your own. However you are much more charismatic and more organised than most heroes. Where others shrink from chaos, you create structure and uphold the law.

You are Jean Grey.

You have great insight and control of the people around you. You’re a master manipulator and your powers are very dangerous when used for evil. Luckily you would sacrifice anything for those that are close to you.

You are Wonder Woman.

You are a natural leader, and not afraid to step up and take control of any situation. You have a keen insight in the world around you and your quick thinking and decisive attitude can save lives.